The sight of Bath, a limestone jewel hidden within a green bowl of hills, cannot fail to evoke the same feeling that has stirred the hearts of travellers for thousands of years. The mineral rich, geothermal waters attract those seeking relaxation and healing today, just as they did before the Romans built the town of Aquae Sulis.  These natural blessings have seen the city remain a centre of discovery, education and culture throughout the centuries, and Bath is internationally honoured as England’s only UNESCO World Heritage city.

Amongst Britain’s grandest buildings, the curious can step into history, standing upon the spot where the planet Uranus was discovered, then walking streets that have not lost their soul since Jane Austen was inspired to pen her stories of love and intrigue.  Artisanal stores, ranging from designer boutiques to dusty antique shops, are found tucked between a plethora of restaurants, themselves filled by expectant theatregoers and art lovers.

Lovers become modern-day pilgrims to luxurious spas, walking hand in hand along the riverside and sharing secrets in the corners of cafes, perhaps falling under the spell of a city that has romance at its heart.  The truly lucky are those wise enough to have chosen to devote a day to nothing more than wandering the regal avenues, cobbled streets and open parks that make Bath such a magical place to enjoy.  My hope is that you will find a special memories in this town, of which I have become so fond, all within ten minutes’ walk from Hope Place, your own home-away-from-home.