About Us

As a youngster, the annual holiday was a highlight of my year, and I, for one, am glad that travel, relaxation and adventure has become a more frequent and accessible pastime. 

I am sure I am not alone in finding my appreciation of this freedom refreshed as we emerge from the last few months where we have been so restricted.  This seems to be looking more positive, and hoping to see non-essential travel allowed is no longer the preserve of the eternal optimist – yay!

If you are anything like me, restrictions on international travel are not going to keep you at home or stop you exploring new places.  Nor do I intend to skimp on the little luxuries that I enjoy so much when overseas.  In Hope Place, my vision has been to create the space that would be perfect for me, as a guest enjoying a weekend or a week somewhere new, wanting a space that I can enjoy, positioned so I have all the local delights within throwing distance, whilst taking away any of the niggles that come from being away from home – I need a dressing table and Hollywood mirror if I am to feel like a princess!

Instagram is something of a guilty pleasure of mine, and I must admit to having included a few Instagram-able touches (flower wall, anyone?)  In short, bringing my perfect staycation apartment to life is a passion of mine, and I am enormously enthusiastic to share it with you and hope my vision provides a little something extra special to your soujourn.